FIN:"T"EXHIBITION @Kosmos Lane 8/9-28



I'm taking part in this Group show.
But I'm still making my art work...  You can look my work from this friday (12th Aug)... I'm sorry everyone...   

“FLOWER PEOPLE”では“FLOWER”をキーワードに、ア​ーティストが、花には花言葉があるように、それぞれの解​釈で、作品を出品しています。
さまざまなアーティストによる作品の花々が咲き乱れるK​osmos Lane Studio & Gallery で新しいアートの形を体感しお楽しみいただければと思っ​ています。
Kosmos Lane Studio & Gallery 大原良一

開催会場:Kosmos Lane Studio & Gallery 渋谷区上原2-29-6 K-フラッツ 1F<Google Map>
お問合せ:03-3485-5633 info@kos​ 担当/大原

In our next group exhibition at Kosmos Lane Studio & Gallery, the main theme will be “flowers.” We think flowers are probably one of the most distinguished and powerful tools of communication around the world. From ancient times, either in East or West, flowers played a significant roll to celebrate, cherish and mark special moments in our lives. We send flowers to show our appreciation and affection to our beloved ones or lost ones. We dedicate them to show respect or to commemorate special deeds and accomplishments achieved by others. They are given to ease the pain or sorrow of the ones who suffer. For thousands of years flowers have inspired craftsmen and artists of all genre with their symbolic nature and transcending beauty. This time we have requested artists who will join us to embrace this powerful media, to be inspired by them and hopefully, perhaps might even overwhelm you with their original interpretation. We hope you will enjoy the spectacle of new creations.

Ryoichi Ohara
Kosmoslane Stuio & Gallery

Date of exhibition: 2011,August 9th ~28th (Closed on:13th~15th and 22nd )
Opening hours:13:00~19:30
Location: Kosmoslane Studio & Gallery
     Shibuya-ku, Uehara 2-29-6, K-flat 1F<Google Map>
Entrance fee: Free of charge
For inquiries call: 03-3485-5633
Or mail: info@kosmoslane .com 

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